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As an insured of Travelers Public Sector Services, you are eligible for discounted rates on dynamic online training from The McCalmon Group. The McCalmon Group is a training leader for promoting workplace productivity and preventing workplace wrongdoing.

Online training is better than any other form of training, including live training, for subject areas that create risk for your organization. Because online training is interactive, studies show that trainees learn more and retain knowledge longer when trained online: … the average content retention rate for an instructor-led class is only 58%, the more intensive e-learning experience enhances the retention rate by 25 – 60%. 1

Online management training for Travelers Public Service Sector insured include:

- Preventing Sexual Harassment
- Preventing Discrimination
- Preventing Wrongful Termination
- Promoting Ethical Behavior
- Promoting Child Safe Environments.

Training is available 24/7. Trainees train when they are ready to learn. Individualized training schedules are included and due date notifications are issued automatically. Training is self-paced so no one is left behind. Each training module includes access to an online trainer who answers questions via email or a toll-free telephone number. Training is tracked; each lesson has a pre- and post- questionnaire to show knowledge gained; and a certificate of completion is provided and can be printed for future reference.

Refresher training is included. Continued education bulletins are posted for each module during the year to maintain knowledge gained and lower ongoing training costs.

To find out more contact The McCalmon Group, Inc. or call  toll-free 888.712.7667

1 Urdan, T.A., & Weggen C.C. (2000). Corporate e-learning: Exploring a new frontier. WR Hambrecht + Co.